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Studio A

Studio B

Professional equipment for the modern era.

Studio A is a state of the art facility with a large microphone locker full of vintage microphones. The facility has multiple drum sets, guitar amps, anything you need! This facility is unparalleled in MD and does not disappoint. The control room has vintage outboard gear to die for, large translating monitors, and is worth every penny. You can’t go wrong with this facility for drums, vocals, guitars, everything! You can track individually or as a whole all at once! This facility is no joke! Book now!

Your personal recording studio.

Studio B is my personal home studio that I’ve put 5 years into perfecting. It’s a small affordable studio that refuses to sacrifice quality with its great microphone locker and tremendous amounts of plug ins that will be sure to get you the sound you desire. If you need some vocals recorded or have a small piece band, this is the place for you. Book now!

Studio A

$100 / hr

Large, state of the art studio with vintage gear and equipment.
3 hour minimum Day Rate (6+ hours): $75/hr

Studio B

$40 / hr

Home studio that’s affordable but doesn’t sacrifice quality. Great for vocals and recording a band one at a time.
2 hour minimum Day Rate (6+ hours): $30/hr Individual tracking only

Mixing + Mastering

$75 / song

After receiving project stems, everything will be professionally processed and rendered to get the exact sound you're looking for. Once complete, you'll receive a final master track and project file.
Final product includes: Master 2 Track WAV 44.1kHz 16 Bit Pro Tools Project Files + Audio Files

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